Streamlined Scheduling in Asheville, NC

The City of Asheville was spending four hours each day assigning inspectors to nearly 200 job sites. Additionally, inspections that required re-assignments due to unanticipated changes further disrupted productivity and caused a growing backlog of inspections. This meant that shift supervisors had to work harder to ensure that all inspections were assigned and completed.


Selectron understood that Asheville was struggling to visualize the daily schedule. With a map-based assignment solution, Atlas Insight,  the department could more accurately distribute inspectors across the City, reducing travel time and bolstering efficiency. Using relevant data like location and inspection type, scheduling managers can quickly auto-assign inspectors to appropriate sites. The Atlas Insight solution also allowed the department to assign multiple inspections simultaneously with easy drag-and-drop functionality. Misty Lipe, Business Development Specialist for the Department, noted, “It saves a tremendous amount of time to work from one system, hit save, and it automatically updates in Accela.”


Selectron worked with Asheville to create a solution that truly supported their processes while making daily operations more efficient. Our development expertise allowed us to satisfy the City’s requirements, and the results prove we made a true impact on everyday operations:

  • Inspection supervisors saved nearly 3 hours per day by auto-assigning inspections
  • Simplified the reassignment process while making it more user-friendly for inspection supervisors
  • The map feature provided a visual and spatial understanding of all inspections scheduled
  • The workload was distributed evenly among inspectors, allowing supervisors to adjust assignments easily


Smoother back office operations create more efficiency for the department and faster turnaround times in the inspection process. With a platform that allows for greater visualization, supervisors can ensure that inspectors aren’t assigned inspections in different quadrants of town but instead are assigned to certain regions. This saves time and mileage resources as well as boosts productivity.

Selectron is committed to working in partnership with our clients. We strive to uncover each department’s unique needs and develop solutions that drive efficiency today, creating a positive impact in the future.



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