Welcome Back to Selectron

Employee Highlight: Jeff Brock 

Our commitment to our customers begins with providing highly competent, skilled, and passionate leaders who drive our solutions. On the heels of valued Project Manager Don Presten retiring, Selectron welcomes back Software Development Engineer and Architect Jeff Brock. Jeff’s history with Selectron is unique, having begun his tenure with the organization two decades ago.

“I first joined Selectron in May of 1999, back when the team was just six people. Developers would go on-site for two weeks at a time, and we’d often take the IVR server with us as luggage. It was here I first experienced the satisfaction of seeing clients legitimately excited for the solutions I directly contributed to.”

Bob Ristau, Selectron’s VP of Operations knows that keeping a customer-focused lens in every step of the development process is what sets Selectron’s solution apart.

“Jeff is a client-first solution architect. His combination of technology expertise and dedication to solving real challenges has been the standard for Selectron engineering teams for 25 years. The opportunity to add Jeff back to our technology leadership is a win/win for Selectron and our clients.”

A lot has changed since his early days with the company, but Jeff’s passion for creating effective solutions for our customers has remained the same. Having worked in the software industry for 25 years as a developer, team lead, and architect, Jeff brings extensive experience to support the Selectron software development teams. His vast experience is bolstered by his community values, seeking to use his skills and expertise to make a positive impact on the world.

“I am looking forward to returning to a team with a positive culture full of talented people, where I can directly see the impact my work has and the benefit it provides for our clients. I’m honored to be able to contribute here again.”

Selectron is excited to work with such an inspired, dedicated, and experienced developer again. Welcome back to the team, Jeff!



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