Meet Madison Hogan and Todd King- Selectron's Associate Project Managers

Selectron remains committed to delivering Trusted Solutions and Real Value to our customers. We continue to hire and retain talented team members to fulfill this mission. We recently invested in expanding our Project Management team responsible for developing solutions and creating value for our customers.

Todd King and Madison Hogan, two Associate Project Managers, have recently joined Selectron to help maintain our commitment to excellent customer service.

Todd chose Selectron because he enjoys working in a fast-paced environment where he can work directly with customers to solve problems.

“I’ve always enjoyed working with others, and the project management process at Selectron enables me to interact with customers at all levels. I work with everyone, and I love that.”

– Todd King

Project managers carefully guide the project roadmap from start to finish. For Todd, seeing our customers with their customized products in action is the best part.

“My favorite part of a project is User Acceptance Testing (UAT). That is when we get the project we’ve been working on into our customer’s hands. It is great to see people’s reactions to using their solution.”

– Todd King

Madison also brings a wealth of business administration knowledge to our team.

“I appreciate how project management can feel like a puzzle that must be solved. Between planning, scheduling, and relationship building, project management can keep you on your toes. It motivates me to know that there is a solution within reach, and all you have to do is take the necessary steps to find it.”

– Madison Hogan

Madison understands that our ability to provide world-class service depends on our willingness to invest time in developing meaningful relationships with our customers.

 “I recognize the importance of establishing a rapport between the customer and the project manager. As much as project managers enjoy getting into the weeds of a project and organizing every detail, it is also critical to step back, connect with the customer, and engage them in the project. I enjoy speaking with all of the stakeholders involved to ensure that we’re all on the same page, that everyone’s opinions are heard, and that all concerns are addressed.”

– Madison Hogan

Selectron is committed to developing a team that will continue to provide the standard of service that our customers have come to expect, even as their needs change and grow. Todd and Madison are essential to this process; welcome aboard!



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