The Optimal Mobile Inspection Solution for Your Agency

Many agencies use mobile inspection solutions to help their inspectors conduct inspections efficiently, ensure compliance, and streamline administrative work. A range of solutions exist, making it difficult to determine which is the right fit for your agency. Some mobile inspection apps are inflexible, with limited integration and configuration capabilities. Others are too technical, and ultimately counterintuitive for end users, resulting in lack of use or frustration in the field.

Selectron designed the Atlas Inspections mobile app to be the right mix of flexible and intuitive. Atlas Inspections provides a user-friendly, flexible solution for mobile inspections that can be tailored to your inspection needs, and integrated with your existing IT infrastructure.

Intuitive Inspector-First Design
The Atlas Inspections design is based on decades of experience working directly with inspectors in the field. The result is a user interface that is not only intuitive and easy to follow for inspectors, but a solution that mirrors how they approach their work. Inspectors typically begin by planning their day, which includes reviewing existing history and notes for their scheduled inspections. Atlas Inspections makes this easy by organizing inspector assignments in both a list and map view, with prior inspections, notes and other details a tap away. When conducting an inspection, users are guided with customizable checklists and tailored workflows to support a wide range of inspection types and varying business rules. Altas Inspections work regardless of cell service, meaning inspectors can log results, make notes, upload photos and attachments, and publish results from the field when they have service, or save them to be published once their connection is restored.

The post-inspection process is streamlined as well, with automatic notices, work orders and reports that get next steps moving immediately. Many mobile inspection solutions are designed by database providers, without enough consideration for the end user. Selectron designed Atlas Inspections after conducting hundreds of ride-alongs and consultations with inspectors, resulting in the most functional and intuitive mobile inspection solution on the market.

Flexibility and Supportability
Atlas Inspections is flexible enough to work for any inspection type, and integrates with any backend database and your existing IT infrastructure. Most mobile inspection solutions are static and inflexible. Inspections offers customizable workflows that allow administrators to tailor the app to the agency’s existing process, rather than fitting the process to an app. It also integrates seamlessly to one or many disparate data sources, reducing the administrative burden of tracking and handling results. This is distinct from apps that only function with a proprietary database. Finally, Inspections is available across platforms and form factors. It works on Microsoft, iOS, and Android, and can run on laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Agencies often rely on a range of different devices and databases to conduct inspection work. The broad configurability and supportability of Atlas Inspections make it the ideal solution to scale and evolve with your inspection needs.

Part of a Powerful Mobile Inspection Suite
Atlas Inspections functions as a standalone solution, but it’s made even more powerful by the rest of the Atlas suite. Atlas Insight integrates with existing systems to streamline inspection assignments. It pulls in data automatically from disparate data sources to provide quick and intuitive drag-and-drop reassignments save time while allowing you to be flexible and adjust on the fly. Atlas Locations ensures inspectors are performing inspections efficiently by reporting location data in real time. The Atlas suite creates an intelligent inspection management system that assigns inspections efficiently, and gives inspectors the tools to complete them intuitively.

The Best All-Around Solution
While a range of mobile inspection solutions exist, many are created by database providers as an afterthought to the databases for which they’re designed. This makes them inflexible, often only working with proprietary backend software, and clunky for inspectors in the field. Atlas Inspections is the ideal solution because it is flexible enough to integrate with a range of data sources, and features an intuitive designed tailored to how inspectors think about their work.

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