Meet A Selectron Employee - Chris Kasten

As a Senior Software Development Engineer, Chris Kasten is central to how Selectron adapts our solutions to solve new problems and keep pace with our customers’ evolving needs. Chris joined Selectron soon after graduating from Oregon State University, and has spent his 14-year career working with customers to resolve issues and tailor new software to their needs. As his career has progressed, he’s put his extensive knowledge of our customers to use, steering our software platforms into practical solutions that provide real value for agencies.

Chris’s career path is a common one among developers at Selectron:

  • He started his Selectron career on the customer support team, responding to, investigating and resolving customer issues in real time
  • After the support team, he spent several years in customer development, tailoring Selectron’s existing solutions to specific customer projects, ensuring our software does what our customers need it to do
  • His current role focuses on new development, expanding Selectron’s existing solutions to solve new problems, and giving customer-specific developers the tools they need to deliver for customers

Chris credits his time on the support team with providing him the foundation for being a successful developer.

“Working in customer support gave me the understanding that Selectron does everything with the customer in mind. Most of what I do now involves remembering what I had to do when I worked directly with customers, and trying to make things easier for our current customer-focused developers.”

Now Chris puts his thorough understanding of our customers and their needs to work by helping the Relay platform evolve to address new challenges.

“I really like solving problems. When you’re doing support, everything is a problem. But solving those problems allows you the opportunity to figure out how to make things work better. As I’ve progressed into new product development I’ve been able to put that into practice, to design our systems to work better, faster, more efficiently and more intuitively.” 



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