Meet A Selectron Employee - Bob Ristau

Bob Ristau has been with Selectron for over 15 years, and his broad responsibilities and deep knowledge empower much of what we do for our customers. Bob first came to Selectron in 2005 as a Software Developer with a background in telecommunications. In his career here, he’s done a bit of everything:

  • Spent his first 6 months in customer support, developing an understanding of our process, products, and personnel
  • Worked as a Software Developer for 5 years, deepening his understandings of our products and how they meet our customers’ needs
  • Spent several years as Development Manager, leading our new product development, customer implementation, customer support, and quality assurance teams

Bob currently serves as our VP of Hosted Operations, while also leading our IT initiatives. He is instrumental in both supporting the technology that drives Selectron’s day-to-day operations, as well as managing our PCI hosted offerings and support services for customers. In his current role, Bob has helped define how Selectron deploys hosted solutions, while helping our growing customer base take advantage of the heightened security and support that comes with moving to our secure hosting environment. He meets frequently (both virtually and on-site when possible) with customers to help understand their needs, as well as key partners to develop integrations that make our solutions more useful.

Bob was initially drawn to Selectron’s genuine commitment to providing customized solutions that address our customers’ needs. He says due to both our scale and our approach, Selectron offers a unique opportunity to both develop new products and observe firsthand how well they work.

“We solve real problems for our customers and we get to see it work for them, that’s not the case in a lot of software development jobs.”

Over the years his growing portfolio and increased exposure to customers have only helped us deepen this commitment, and have made him an integral part of our business.



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