Product Spotlight: Relay Outbound

Finally, we’re excited to highlight Relay Outbound, our multi-channel communication tool that helps agencies send timely information to their customers via phone, email or text. These messages can be general, like public health or safety advisories, or specific to the customer regarding due or past-due payments, impending utility shutoffs, inspection results and more. Relay Outbound can help your agency prevent delinquent payments, and reduce inbound call volume by proactively sending your customers the information they need. Staff can create custom communication campaigns with Relay’s user-friendly interface, personalize them by adding dynamic data fields to integrate customer information, and use a range of reporting tools to monitor their success.

Relay Outbound has helped agencies of all kinds create polished, convenient communications that reach customers when and where they need them. If you would like to hear more about how we have helped agencies increase efficiency and reduce delinquency by as much as 50%, please contact


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